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Become a Founding Member of Tablet

This year we’re re-conceiving how our readers think of us and, in turn, how we think of you. We see ourselves as a community, and we want you to start seeing yourself as part of it.

Unlike when we built the magazine, which is produced by a specific set of writers and editors, this new part of Tablet’s future has to be built collectively, together with you. Starting today, anyone who donates to Tablet will automatically be enrolled in our new membership program, unlocking exclusive access to Tablet personalities, invitations to special events, maybe even a gift or two. :)

But that's just the beginning: We want to find ways to help members connect with like-minded people (or even non-like-minded ones!), driven by what you care about. We’ve heard from readers inspired by our coverage who want a monthly discussion series on the future of Judaism in America; a WhatsApp group for people interested in foreign affairs; a Passover recipe helpline; in-person meet-ups built around a geographical home or hobby; and more. We want to be in the same rooms (or text threads) together, ask questions together, set goals together, and imagine new institutions and ways of understanding the world together.

Join today and receive the following:

$36+: All the benefits of Tablet membership
$360+: Membership plus Tablet-branded welcome gift
$720+: Membership, welcome gift, high-end Judaica item curated by Tablet Editor-in-Chief Alana Newhouse
$1,800+: Become a Tablet Macher! In addition to the items above, we'll host a private Zoom with a Tablet personality of your choice for your family or community, send you a custom package of goodies, and more!

We can also receive your contribution through a donor-advised fund! Find us under our legal name Nextbook (EIN: 41-2116973). If you need any assistance, please contact Samantha Hacker at

Please note: if you already support Tablet through a recurring gift, you'll automatically be entered into the corresponding membership!