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Beautifully Jewish is a community of lovers of Jewish stuff–the things we make, the things our ancestors made, even the things we bought yesterday. Because this is the stuff that inspires us and connects us to each other.

We understand it’s not just a hat you knit. It’s a comfort and a prayer for an Israeli soldier, fighting for her survival. And ours.

It’s not just a menorah, or a seder plate. It’s a memory. A story. A people.

Join us as we celebrate the richness of our lives.

To join Beautifully Jewish is to join a Tablet community–nurtured, cultivated, curated.

Sign up as one of our inaugural members and you will also receive gifts selected specially for Beautifully Jewish members (while supplies last).

Cotton Membership, $36

This includes access to a members-only monthly Zoom club featuring speakers carefully selected for the Beautifully Jewish tribe. It also gives you access to a monthly artistic project that connects you deeper to Judaism. And, we will donate a cotton tote to an Israeli evacuee in your honor.

Linen Membership, $180

In addition to all the benefits of a Cotton membership, Linen members will receive a custom Beautifully Jewish silkscreened organic cotton challah cover designed by artist Vicky Katzman, known for her organic, whimsical drawings. We’ll show you how to decorate it and make it your own.

Silk Membership, $360

In addition to all the benefits of a Linen membership, Silk members will receive a custom piece of Ariel Tidhar jewelry made exclusively for the Beautifully Jewish community. Your donation also allows us to provide a canvas crafting tote to an Israeli evacuee.

Cashmere Membership, $720

In addition to all benefits of a Silk membership, Cashmere members will receive a hand-embroidered Beautifully Jewish T-shirt.

If you prefer to pay in monthly installments, type '15' into the custom field and click “monthly” under “Donation Frequency.”

We can also receive your contribution through a donor-advised fund. Find us under our legal name, Nextbook (EIN: 41-2116973). If you need assistance, please contact Samantha Hacker at